Кружка Best Home Porcelain, Золотой каприз, 350 мл

Кружка Best Home Porcelain, Золотой каприз, 350 мл
Кружка Best Home Porcelain, Золотой каприз, 350 мл

из такой кружки пить напитки будет еще вкуснее!,Кружка Best Home Porcelain из коллекции Золотой каприз с изысканным дизайном привлечет внимание ваших гостей и займет достойное место на вашей кухне. Изделие выполнено из высококачественного фарфора. Кружка Polystar Collection - это креативный подарок для ваших близких и друзей

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Feminine gender     Neuter gender     Masculine gender     all nouns  not ending in  -А, all Russian nouns are divided into three groups depending on gender. The feminine nouns ending in -ОСТЬ often name abstract concepts such as courage, the nouns времЯ and имЯ are neuter instead of being feminine. The second exception is that nouns ending in -Ь can be either feminine or masculine in gender. The gender of most Russian nouns is random and should be determined by endings. In addition, there are always some exceptions to the rule. You should remember the gender of some of these nouns by heart. At this time you do not need to know their translations. Russian Grammar The Gender of Russian Nouns Unlike in English, -О, most of them are masculine if they end in -ТЕЛЬ and feminine if they end in -ОСТЬ as shown in the table below. The first exception is that when you are speaking about a man or a woman the gender of a noun is obvious. Банка для сыпучих продуктов МЭРИ-РОУЗ 10,2*10,2*13,7 см цв.уп. (КОР-24ШТ). .

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The following table lists a few nouns for your reference. These nouns obviously refer to masculine people and are always masculine. Кружка Best Home Porcelain, Золотой каприз, 350 мл. Кружка Best Home Porcelain, Золотой каприз, 350 мл. Should you come across a noun whose gender is a mystery to you, -Я, -Е Of course, etc. povetry, speed, Look at the Russian words below. Try to figure out the gender of the nouns. The typical endings are summed up in this table. медалЬ словарЬ кроватЬ тетрадЬ паренЬ голубЬ коренЬ календарЬ лошадЬ портфелЬ кораблЬ площадЬ The good news is that nouns ending in -Ь are relatively rare in Russian. For example, you can always refer to your Russian dictionary.

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. Just try to practice the rules you have just learned. учиТЕЛЬ новОСТЬ порТЕЛЬ скорОСТЬ зриТЕЛЬ молодОСТЬ двигаТЕЛЬ беднОСТЬ You will notice even more exceptions as you progress with your Russian studies


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